About Study Skills

We offer group or individual Study Skills Courses as well as Study Skills Coaching


Our 4 hour study skills course will take your child through the 5 steps of studying. It will teach him/her various different summary and memory techniques. It will help him/her to identify what type of learner he/she is. The course is very practical and will teach the skills, secrets, tips and tricks for studying each subject rather than just teaching theory.The use of fun, wacky examples applied to everyday school subjects, will give him/her the confidence to apply these to his/her own work.

The most relevant and useful information from neuroscience, ILS life coaching, occupational therapy and teaching have been put together in this course to give your child the tools to succeed. Each technique has been proven and is successful in it’s own right. If your child applies what he/she has learnt in the course, it will not only help with his/her school work, but will improve other areas of his/her life.

There are various options which can be selected. The course is to teach the basic skills for children in Grade 4 — 7/ 8 — 12. It will help children on any academic level, it is for those who are doing really well to those who aren’t doing so well. This helps to instill good habits at an early age. The individual course is for children who have poor concentration, may be distracted or do better with one-to-one input. The group courses are for children who concentrate well, are not easily distracted and learn well in group situations. I would recommend that all learners go through the course. If learners struggle to apply the skills to their own studying, it is recommended that they come for Study skills coaching for a term or two, until they are able to study independently.

Every learner needs to do the study skills course!


Actual Feedback from Learners who have completed the course: What did you get out of the study skills course?

  • ” A positive attitude, better way to study, time management”
  • “An easier, faster, more effective way to study”
  • ” A better understanding of how I should study, easier methods to remember facts, what kind of learner I am.”
  • ” Easier/Smarter ways to study and prepare for tests, different linking methods, new summarising techniques, easier assignment methods, confidence, speech techniques.”
  • “I have found a better way to study that I think will really help”
  • “A easier way to study and learn.”
  • ” I got easier ways to study and prioritise my life, making studying fun and colourful, and how to get work into my long term memory and learn for the exams.”
  • “Studying is fun, need to breath and put in that time.  I am whole and I am who I’m meant to be.”
  • “better ways to study”
  • “How to summarise”
  • “How to remember”
  • ” Shorter ways to study, and still know everything off by heart”
  • ” By using these methods, I can get good marks”
  • ” I learnt how to get better marks at school”
  • ” How to organise myself; my learning type and how to apply it”

When to refer to study skills coaching

  • Difficulty Summarising – can’t identify key words/ most important points
  • Difficulty with memory
  • Test Anxiety
  • Organisation / planning difficulty
  • Unmotivated to study
  • Doesn’t know how to study
  • Doesn’t know what type of learner he/she is
  • Poor answering technique
  • Poor comprehension skills
  • Wastes time doing unnecessary preparation for tests
  • Re-writes all notes in full
  • Highlights all notes, not just key words

Study Skills Coaching

I would recommend that all learners go through the study skill course first in order to learn the skills. If learners struggle to apply the skills to their own studying, it is recommended that they come for Study skills coaching session every week for 1-6 months, until they are able to study independently.

It will help your to child:

  • Plan a study timetable
  • Structure study & break times
  • Use study time effectively
  • To organize material
  • To summarize notes & organize summaries
  • To memorize work
  • Be ready on the day of the exam
  • How to do speeches & essays
  • Assignment & Exam technique
  • Be more confident